Omega Earth is a paper-and-pen roleplaying game about being an outsider looking for home. A stranger on an odyssey through a fractured, post-historic planet. Someone searching for their place in a weird, dangerous world.
Its system is focussed on detailed rules, especially in combat, that allow meaningful choices with real consequences. It also promotes a campaign-style play: you get the most of it if you play for a year or longer.

The Omega Earth is vast, and almost no one knows what lies beyond one’s own backyard

At the start of their journey the Characters will be as ignorant about the wider world as most people they know. As their storyline progresses though, they get to learn what lies behind the horizon. Eventually, they will become travellers, exploring the different landscapes and settings, getting to know the world’s diverse peoples and their agendas. Then they will begin to understand the ways in which the many fragmented parts of Omega Earth are connected after all.

The Omega Earth is slowly being devoured alive, and few people notice

Several times in the past, Darkness has swept the globe, to bring an end to Creation it hates and envies so much. But there were those studying this timeless threat, and they worked tirelessly to prevent its victory. Thanks to them, Earth is not lost yet, though vast parts of it sank into ruin. But those ancient scholars are now long dust, and their knowledge has fallen into oblivion.
For those alive today, the key to understanding Darkness lies in understanding the forgotten past. If the Characters survive long enough, they will learn. And they will be afraid. 

Omega Earth is an old-school roleplaying game that once again merges the perspective of the Player with that of the Character

In this tabletop role-playing game the choices of the Character are the choices of the Player. The Storyteller creates the setting and the plot and the characters decide what to do. Players are not co-directors of the narrative, but rather try to have their Characters survive and accomplish their goals in a very dangerous world.
This is what really creates suspense and drama, which in turn will grow and change the characters along the journey.

Omega Earth uses a complex, simulationist system to achieve its aim of telling compelling stories

The system is as crunchy as a mouth full of gravel, designed to run a world with more fluff than a pillow factory. The rules have been playtested for a decade, drawing on the best of classical influences tuned just right: characters level up, but a couple of thugs with automatic weapons remain a reason to leg it even for the most high-leveled characters. Everyone can gain various special abilities, but there are no rigid classes to restrict them. There are interesting and gory critical hit tables, but they do not render combat too random. Also there are many skills for social interactions, but what you actually say and do remains the most important factor.
Supernatural abilities are split into three distinct systems, all of which have different rules and are interwoven into the story of the Omega Earth in different ways: The Art of Runes sees dashing Rune-Mages combine various Essential and Aspect Runes to create many unique effects. Summoners study the manifold Lore of the Dimensionverse and interact with the beings that dwell there. The Gifted use inherent, weird powers to manipulate the world around them, even if it leaves them shunned and ostracised. 

Omega Earth is coming to Kickstarter in 2020

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Campaign Book 1: At the Crossroads

In the first campaign book, the Characters’ story begins in Brunkeldar, self-proclaimed capital city of the Nordic nation of Guðland, far out in the Arctic reaches of the Atlantean Ocean. Here, on the midpoint between the Old World and the New, ancient traditions clash with foreign creeds, brought here by cast-outs and immigrants from many different corners of the Omega Earth. 

A focus of these changing times is Nýborg, a chaotic ghetto having sprung up on the eastern edge of Brunkeldar, a melting pot in dire need of order. Enter the Characters, the newest members of the Borgargæslan, the city watch, tasked to police this unruly part of town. Featured in this book is a series of eleven fully detailed adventures, plus an array of adventure hooks and smaller cases for the city watch to unravel. During these narratives, the Characters rise from lowly watchmen to clever detectives and crime fighters, to actors in an unfolding political, societal and supernatural drama. Also included is a fully detailed description of Guðland, its people, and their customs and pecularities, as well as a closer look at Brunkeldar, and its movers and shakers. 

Readers will also uncover some of the secrets of Guðland, and gaze fearfully across the frozen sea to Myrkland, eternally buried under black ice. Further, they will hear about what happens if you travel along the branches of Yggdrasill, and visit the Realms in close contact with Miðgarðr: be it Ásgarðr, dwindling in influence, yet not forgotten; the Planes of Fire and Ice, forever battling one another in Guðland’s burning yet frozen heart; the many Realms of the Faerie, whose inhabitants have long lived alongside the Guðlanders; or the Shadow Lands, from which the Wild Hunt rides to collect the lost souls in the mortal world.

On their journey through this setting, the Characters will pick up enough glimpses of the world beyond Guðland so that at the end they are ready to leave, becoming travellers and heroes, acting with their own agenda on a more and more global scale.

Future Campaign Books 

Tainted Eden: the Corporation’s seat is the concrete behemoth known as the Endless City; buried beneath it lies the debris of thousands of years of history. Play as a group of extremely clueless Clerks that have to leave their dull lives to discover what really lies beyond – and learn who are the architects behind the Corporation.
Includes the Endless City, Industrial and Agricultural Complexes, the post-apocalyptic horror that is Under Eden, as well as the nations bordering this new Eden, be it the Prōtopóleis of Mykēnai, Kemet, or the República Ibérica.

From the Ashes: in the east of the Endless City lies the Czárstvo Nóvykhgorodóv, a struggling empire, where a few cities shine a light into the endless gloom of its desolate vastness. Play as a group of friends that come together in Kolmogorý, the City of the Bone Carvers, to help out a slightly befuddled Academic, seeking to create a ‘thinking machine’.
Includes the Czárstvo Nóvykhgorodóv and its many oblasts, the holy city of Constantinopolis, Skuthia, and the Darkness that lies within the Wood.

Deus Vult: for longer than anyone can remember, the immortal Crown-Cardinals have ruled in God’s stead over the island of Albion. In this nation locked in medieval stasis, the Players’ small gentry family must choose to follow the edicts of the Ecclesia Albionis, or seek to uncover their dark past.
Includes all Crown-Dioceses, Free Caledonia, Éire and some information about the nation’s former oversea territories.

A Light in the Dark: the Muaddin have spread the light of science and the understanding of the immortal soul into the world, ever since their founder taught them to cast of the shackles of religion, and with it the influence of all power-hungry deities. Play as students of one of these enlightened scholars, sent out to do his errants and eventually find your true self.
Includes the fragmented remnants of the last great Muaddin Empire, from al-Maghrib in the west, over the desolation of Törküčiye, Qardustān, Ash-Shām, and secretive Ħimyâr.

Brave New World: a few centuries ago, a holy man led his followers across the Atlantean Ocean to the New World, Taranica. Here they founded a nation based on freedom and justice, together to stand against the murderous evil this continent seems to breed in its black heart. As independent bounty hunters, the Characters seek to keep their home, Nonesuch City, from being engulfed by a mob war.
Includes the Free Union, the Dominion of Norland, the native tribes of Alaxsxaq and beyond, the giant bug-like, alien Srac and the oldest mytstery of all: what lies in the centre of the New World?

Weird Corners of the Omega Earth 

Planned as shorter books, Weird Corners offers glimpses of the First and Second Age of Man, preserved in remote, often hidden or forgotten corners of the globe. This includes the domed world of Savage Kôr, a mystic place where survivors of various ancient cultures live side-by-side, or the Fortunate Isles, secret remnants of ancient Thulē, immortalised by its former capital, mighty Atlantis.

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